Peppermint Twist The Musical




Gina Goff

Gina G. Goff  –  Executive Producer  –  Peppermint Twist The Musical

Gina is the founder of Goff Productions, an independent film production company based in West Hollywood, California and founded in 2012.  She was also the co-founder of Goff-Kellam Productions, which was in existence from 1998 – 2011.  Her films have garnered dozens of prestigious worldwide awards and recognition over the years.  Gina has produced 13 films since 1998, all of which have received distribution and been profitable, with such companies as FOX, MGM/UA, Viacom, Sundance Channel, Starz, Wolfe Releasing, Paramount Home Entertainment, TLA, PBS, Logo Network, Frameline and Netflix.

She prides herself on being a selective “hands on” producer in the independent film world and has a strong interest in producing inspirational “feel good” or thought provoking films and television projects that change people’s lives in a positive way.

Gina enjoys music, concerts, movies, boating, beach activities, travel, real estate projects, kabbalah, kundalini yoga and spending quality time with family and friends.





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Peppermint Twist The Musical

Peppermint Twist The Musical